Customizing the WavesGUI wallet


Hi Folks,

I’m looking for best-practices to modify the WavesGUI wallet to the customer’s needs.

I have just found out that most components of the WavesGUI contains dynamic JSON objects (from an external source), which I can’t edit because they’re hosted externally.

In this case I would like to edit the homepage and the order of buttons within the navigation. Could someone help me out? :slight_smile:

PS: I was able to change such components within the old Lite Client very easily.


I’m a terrible dev but isnt it easier to just fork it and convert those objects to local objects?


Thanks for the response. That’s exactly what I thought. I’m curious if there are other ways to accomplish the customisation.


I have the EXACT same problem with no idea how to conver the objects (specifically the langage.json files) to local ones. Asked in the discord development chat and so far no replies their either. If someone does solve this please do reply with instructions.


And another one with the same challenges! Who will be our saviour?


@CSOS, @Dwaynos

I have found a solution for the .json files.

The angular app loads the .json files dynamically from an external source, see the AppConfig.js file, which can be found at

The following piece of that particular file is important in this case:
backend: {
loadPath: ‘{{projectId}}/{{version}}/{{lng}}/{{ns}}’,
projectId: ‘30ffe655-de56-4196-b274-5edc3080c724’,
apiKey: ‘5af41ced-a862-4947-a079-2c7999367925’,
referenceLng: ‘en’

Fire up the app in your browser and load the inspector tools, try Google Chrome for instance. Take a look at the Network pane and find the downloaded files from the domain. I’ve found the following files and downloaded them locally, made a repo of it and published it at GitHub so I can include my own ‘data-service’ provider, like wvservices:

Change the content of the app.{module} files as you wish, and publish them somewhere. I’ve changed the AppConfig.js files as follows:
backend: {
loadPath: ‘{{projectId}}/{{version}}/{{lng}}/{{ns}}’,
projectId: ‘30ffe655-de56-4196-b274-5edc3080c724’,
apiKey: ‘5af41ced-a862-4947-a079-2c7999367925’,
referenceLng: ‘en’

Please let me know if you guys have any question(s). I’ll be afk for two weeks because of vacation, but there might be other people out there who can help you guys solving issues.


is there any tutorial to install waves wallet for our token? with forking afcors!


I’m interested in this discussion.
Can anyone with a little knowledge make it more understandable for the less experienced?