Danger!, CrookSebKlay and CrookSebKläy token SCAM


Danger!, CrookSebKlay and CrookSebKläy Token is a SCAM

How all begun:
He traying to denounce me because he was angry about my Airdrop https://www.deepprojects.agency He start to send me aggressively back the Airdroped token whit the Attachment spam spam spam spam… and suddenly he send me wBTC, his fault!! I don’t sent the wBTC immediately back, because it was a hostiles action and HE makes the mistake aut of a hateful motives. I wont that he honestly apologize and i will send him the BTC back. But he created give me back BTC and start to spam me. I told him: apologize honestly and i send the BTC back. But he start to create thies BAD tokens witch denuncing me and my Agency. I still want to give him back his BTC on condition that he have to burn ALL EXISTING Danger! CrookSebKlay and CrookSebKläy token. So just burn them or SELL the Danger! CrookSebKlay and CrookSebKläy token back to him, they have a value of 0.14862066 WBTC

This is my wBTC Transfer back to him. (See attachment)

His Transfer ID of wBTC:

His wallet:

My wallet:

Thanks for your understanding. What had you done?

I told him to
Make a „Burn My SCAM“ token with the Description:

Hello I created BAD tokens how denunciate Sebastian Kläy. He is a honest guy and NOT A SCAMMER! i did something completely wrong, I’m very sorry. And Apologize honestly. If you have this tokens in your wallet please BURN them. All tokens have to be burnet so I’m in peace with Sebastian Kläy. Please help me to erase my stupid mistakes. So please burn them. The Bad tokens are: Danger!, CrookSebKlay and CrookSebKläy
Thanks for your help!

He should send the Burn My SCAM token to the Bad token holder wallets.

I send him 1.003 waves for creating the „Burn My SPAM“ token as a friendly gesture.

I told him that NOT ALL Bad tokens have to be Burned (i know it’s near impossible) but he have to apologize into the Blockchain! And i will give him the BTC back!

But he doesn’t want to do it, so i start to burn the BTC in Gometric sequence to give him a hint to erase his bad actions.
I really don’t want his BTC!
I burn once a day!
We are now by number 128 in the burning process

He called me SPAMER, SCAMMER and THIEF. But everyone knows that Thief’s, spamer and scammer do not publish there IDENTITY!
He is still incognito and do not want to tell me who he is, While I’m giving my identity price.

So decided by your self who is the BAD Guy!

Please send him messages to change his mind. I really want to send him his BTC back and don’t burn them. But i have to do that because it needs to be written in the blockchain out of his address that I’m not a Scammer!

Telegram name: Cubrick

Thanks :pray: for your understanding and help.




Sbastian, we know that you are not a crook, do not worry


I decided to let it go and send him the BTC back!


Also bought the burnet BTC back and send it to him.


And the Happyend

But still… please burn the BAD tokens. Thanks :pray:


Sebastian is a good man


Santa barbara,I think you need to drink vodka and discuss all problems via skype


U’re right bro)) good advice)))