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how to cancel multisig


IDE and REPL has been updated. Here is what changed:


  1. Added tools menu.
  2. Transaction signer tool now have json autocomplete and validation. It is possible to use it as transaction editor.
  3. Removed syntax tree tab. Errors available at binary tab.
  4. Fixed layout bugs


  1. Support for setAssetScript transaction.
  2. New function signTx. Signs previously created transaction


Sorry for late response. What do you mean by cancel? If you want to remove script from account you need to create setScriptTransaction with script=null


IDE and REPL has been updated. Here is what changed:


  1. Added WavesKepper support. For now, only in transaction signer tool.


  1. Fixed minor bugs with multiline commands.


IDE and REPL has been updated. Here is what changed:


  1. Files tab. Scripts won’t be lost on editor tab close. You can find and reopen your file via Files tab on the left.
  2. Removed confirmation on tab close.
  3. There are two kind of files: account script and token(asset) script. Both kinds can be created via ‘NEW’ button menu.
  4. You can now deploy scripts via UI. ‘Deploy’ button on ‘binary’ tab will create ‘setScript’ or ‘setAssetScript’ (depending on file type) transaction and open it in transaction signing tool. In this tool you can sign transaction via seed, account or WavesKeeper and then press deploy button.
  5. Updated ride-js compiler to include setAssetScriptTransaction.
  6. Fixed layout bugs
  7. All icons are now svg and served with IDE.


  1. Fixed firefox scroll bug, wich caused whole page to scroll
  2. Fixed chrome scroll bug, which caused console not to scroll after executing a command


IDE and REPL has been updated. Here is what changed:


  1. Intellisense has been significantly improved
  2. Syntax highlighting has been improved
  3. Binary tab now shows script size and complexity
  4. Added more samples


  1. Repl can now be collapsed/expanded/resized
  2. Repl shows the link to the wavesexplorer after successful broadcast invocation
  3. Fixed parenthesis and tab completion bugs


Help for examples included in “ ”.
I can’t run instances “testnet”. We look forward to video support from developers.
For example, “guess.ride” can be described.


Hi! Can you please elaborate? I’m not quite understand your question


We would like to give you a detailed description of some of the examples in We ask for video example please


As for now, the only guides we have are the ones on the main page of ide. If you have some specific question feel free to ask


I ran “guess.ride” “smart contrat” on as shown in the pictures below. But then I don’t know how to develop.


You set script on one account but then send transaction from the other. In your case ‘from’ address should be the one starting with 3My35… Another thing is that this example reads hashed answer from account data, not from string in contract.

Keep in mind this is just contract sample. If you want to ask questions specifically about this contract please ask on, where this examples are located. You can also ask on our discord on #smart-contract channel.
This thread is used to discuss IDE functionality.