DEX - Allow to chose BASE currency


DEX - pairs list.
When choose Waves, i see pairs: WAVES/BTC, ETH/WAVES
When choose Bitcoin, i see pairs: WAVES/BTC, ETH/BTC

It would be good to have Pairs according to selected BASE currency.

Choose WAVES, see pairs:


Choose BTC, see pairs:


Does it make sense?


Usually pair order is fixed on every exchange. So no exchange allows you to trade on both ETH/BTC and BTC/ETH


Thanks for response, @alexkof

I’ll show you one example:

also exchange (Ripple) allow to do the same.

I agree with you that this is unusual behavior for exchanges.
But it’s very usefull feature (IMHO).

It would be good to have at least consistent pairs: Waves/BTC, Waves/ETH.
Because with current implementation i can’t find a chain of logic with pairs: Waves/BTC, ETH/Waves. Why not: Waves/ETH?

New DEX - gathering feedback

Your proposal is good but our Matcher which stores user orders have only one direction for each pair. We can’t change this quickly. We will think about it a little bit late.


Thanks @tatiana.
At least Waves dev team know about this wish.



May I request a change of direction from a pair to the Matcher team?

I represent a Brazilian Real gateway ( The Gateway was released in beta a few days ago and according to early feedbacks, users find it confusing to negotiate FBRLT / Waves instead of Waves / FBRLT for example.

Do you know who can help us?