DEX - night mode


Hi guys!
We are currently developing a ‘night-time’ mode for the DEX
We have two versions:

  1. Grey


  1. Blue

Which version do you like better?

  • Grey
  • Blue

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grey is better, blue color cause eye-straining. :+1:


Voted grey but I think you should implement both :wink:


Grey is better
But i want both options


Thanks to everyone who voted!
Our survey shows that the grey version is more popular.


Why not a whole list of colors to pick?


Looks great! I can not wait. dex nigt mode when will this happen nigt mode?


Gray and Blue are awsome.Vote Blue.


I really like the blue version. And I’d be curious to see a version with green text and candlesticks, instead of blue. Just curious. :relaxed:


im vote disign blue - nice


I have a question. Can I use it on Windows 10? actually. I am facing Windows 10 Explorer Keeps Crashing. I can’t fix this issue. If you have any solution please share.


Try another browser or try the client instead of the webversion.