Did I do something wrong?

Hey guys, I need some help. I’m inexperienced with the computer and even less with crypto Following is a situation I’m in. If what is done, is done, than so be it. I will learn my lesson and hopefully not do it again. Also I have recently tried to buy some additional Starta with $47 dollars of BTC value and Waves won’t let me unless I’m doing something wrong. Help me out. How do I sell and buy on Waves?

A couple weeks ago I purchase $100 of BTC thru Coinbase. I transferred the money to Waves exchange. I think after fees I had about $96. With this $96 of BTC I traded for Starta(STA) at .45 per Sta…Later when Sta reached .84 I traded back to Btc. my BTC USD value showed I had a value of $47.50. If I bought at .45 and sold at .84 I would have thought my money would have almost doubled. Instead It got cut by 50%. Did I do something wrong or did waves or someone else?
I have attached a page from Coinbase and one of Waves transaction, hopefully you can read it and explain to me what happened

the first columns are coinbase

May 12
Sent bitcoin .01138819BTC
to bitcoin address _$95.94

May 12
Bought Bitcoin .o1138659
Using VISA debit +100.00

The next page is Waves

May 12

exchange Sell: Starta/BTC -136.8 Starta
18:38 .00547473BTC

Exchanne Buy: Starta BTC +16 Starta
16.49 .00159968BTC

Exchange Buy: STARTA/BTC +18.2 Starta
16:47 -1.81999617

Exchang Buy: Starta/Btc +2Starta
16.46 -.19999958

Exchange Buy: Starta/Btc +2.2 Starta
16:45 -.21999953

Exchange Buy: Starta/Btc +98.4 Starta
16.43 .00983803

Are the Strata and STRATA token with the same asset id?
and BTC and Btc? Have you checked and verified this?
Maybee you tricked in a false trading pair and this lost your money?

The screenshots don’t get sharp for me to verify this.

Make sure you have enough waves for the transaction fee

He is talking about a loss in value I think, not about not being able to trade

It’s not clear enough to tell you what is problem. also the picture not readable.

This numbers doesn’t seems correct cost of your trade. You have only 0.01138819BTC

I know the link is not very clear, that’s why I wrote the transaction from coinbase and waves That or those charts that I typed are exactly as the print you can’t read. It shows my transfer from coinbase to wavesBTC and then it shows I purchased 96 or $98 dollars in Starta @ .42 I purchased 3 more times for a total of $136. then I traded it back to BTC for .84. But My portfolio say I have $45 in vaule.

Now I have a second problem. I am trying to transfer the $45 that’s left to my wallet and it keeps telling I don’t have enough funds to cover the fees. Well I have $45 in there and the fees are .001 and .001 $45 dollars is not enough to cover the fees?

OMG, if I cant figure this out I am going to go bonkers and give up on crypto. I am in the phoenix area. Does anyone know of someone in my area that can sit down with me for 15 minutes and show me the dotted line on how this should work?

for this problem, waves platform takes 0.003 waves per exchange as a fee, if you want to just send this fund to another address the fee is 0.001 waves. If you don’t have enough waves on your wallet you can’t make transaction.

for your first problem, check your wallet history from this explorer. there is trade history option. you can see everythink clearly : https://wavesdesk.com/

Hey Karmenali, you read my chart above and that is exactly like the scnprnt. All my Starta buys were at .45 and I sold Starta at .84. Where did I go wrong?

What shows that I only have .01138819BTC?

What’s your address?

are you asking for My email?

no he asked for your waves public address like that : 3P4C1knaZ82jHbNu3RdXfS4sXUUUYEUymep
to check trading history

I thought you weren’t to give out your address?

if you don’t want to share your budget with people don’t give it. It is not seed or private key, public key. Don’t share private key or seed with people!

It’s fine to give out your address (3P…), never disclose any other information like karmenali mentioned.

giving out the address is similar to your home address, by just knowing where you live nobody can enter your house. only if you hand your key to someone they will be able to enter (in waves case private key/seed)

I think its because the USD prices you see are referenced from the waves pair and not BTC pair. So when you sold for BTC it doesnt mean you got .84$ per starta. You got the highest bid in BTC which is often for starta alot less than the waves last trade. This is the spread or difference between bid/ask. When you sold the starta the bid was probably only .25$ in BTC and the market maker or dev got you with a huge spread. Starta is not good token, you can see the spread in the buy/sell window (red and green)

WAU Coin, Waves, Litecoin, BTC all have tight spreads and are safe to trade in WAVES markets. The BTC pairs usually have wider spreads and lower volume. Next time you can make sure to use prices YOU set or trade in waves pairs on solid Coins only. The big waves promoted ICO coins are usually shitbags IMO. Check the spreads always

There is no such transactions on Waves Mainnet.

Provide better screenshot or transaction ID.

Currently there is no reason to trust your words.