Discussion on token surge

Why can’t you sell most of the tokens including the SURGE token?

how to open tokens scripts: Progression, Surge etc.
Tutorial: The first thing to do is to choose the order time for 1 hour,

then open the sales order at the current quotation price. because due to being a smart token, it should be sold for the largest quotation price, so there is no devaluation.
these Tokens have this limitation of 1 hour per order for everyone to have a chance to sell, and not devalue the token. Hope this helps

It’s help only create an order. But it isn’t help to sell Surge :joy:

Real receipt: Through api make sell order with shift from now 29 days and expiration 100 minutes with right future price. But issuer&Co did the same things with large budget and your chance not so big … :sunglasses:

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I tried a sale with times of 1 hour many times, but it was never seen

Look at this transaction> https://wavesexplorer.com/tx/EwDjEvs3mswoYjnodAuC21v97bLgD473Ktrg97Vg1Vwt <How is it possible that the seller’s timestamp is on 27.08? It’s more than 30 days!

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read my message above :joy:

Oh, I see you read it :wink:

Yes, but you talk about the order is open with a difference of 29 days. In that request I quoted above, the seller has a 60 day timestamp!

Can you paste the api commands/ short tutorial ? So people can learn?

You could explore/try official swagger:

for matcher: Matcher api
for node: Node api
and data-service: data-service

then you have to choose any lib like pywaves for python, or for java-script from waves github or npm and go ahead :sunglasses: