Do you have experience with crypto-ATM?


Hey there!
Has anyone heard more about this? Is this working, who tried it? I’m curious if there are any similar projects


yes i heard about these The number of cryptocurrency ATMs has been increasing since its origin in 2013 from only one machine to some 1,548 terminals within the U.S.A these days.The idea of cryptocurrency ATMs is novel.for several folks once one thinks of Associate in Nursing ATM, they imagine withdrawing or depositing one kind of currency or maybe two or three depending on where in the world they are located.


When I bought coins from an ATM I quickly saw what a great opportunity it is to invest in Crypto ATM’s. This is still in it’s infancy. A key to success if you invest in ATM’s is to have the locations show up on Google maps when searching for the nearest location. Most of them don’t show up! It’s also much better to have the ATM’s that have the option to buy or sell!!! :slight_smile: