Eidolon.club Node

Pool name: Eidolon.club Node of the Eidolon.club

Address for leasing: 3PLeGWysAcsbP5XVyPGxAEbWNrx5N21bR8a

Website: https://www.eidolon.club/

Payment policy: You must lease to Eidolon.club AND hold Saving with your same wallet address.

How much, how frequently do you pay to leasers:
We pay every week! 95% fee payouts. 95% Block Reward payouts.
Example: for 1000 Waves leased you will get ~62,7 Waves/year.

Pool Representatives:
Our mission is to add value to your business and contribute to your success.

Leasing to the Eidolon.club and holding Saving, allows you to participate exclusively in the 80% profit distribution.

We payout Waves. Grow your Saving investment with us.

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Feature voting policy:
We vote in consensus with other node operators. For a fair and stable Waves network.

Other Details:
The main goal of Saving is to grow the portfolio of our leasers and holders.
That’s why our leaser and holders participate in the 80% profit distribution.
Invest in Saving.

Location: Switzerland