Ekd27 Airdrop

Ekd27 traded in pairs:

MRT/Ekd27 - https://client.wavesplatform.com/dex?assetId2=4uK8i4ThRGbehENwa6MxyLtxAjAo1Rj9fduborGExarC&assetId1=4t5ZoGweFYqb7zzeL5VBQWMQhBXkUnsjkBD4Yx1UKwFH
WCT/Ekd27 - https://client.wavesplatform.com/dex?assetId2=DHgwrRvVyqJsepd32YbBqUeDH4GJ1N984X8QoekjgH8J&assetId1=4t5ZoGweFYqb7zzeL5VBQWMQhBXkUnsjkBD4Yx1UKwFH
PBT/Ekd27 - https://client.wavesplatform.com/dex?assetId2=EdDvbhk4wJ1kL6pMCq1V36GbQE2nGE7Metb87zbaY2JL&assetId1=4t5ZoGweFYqb7zzeL5VBQWMQhBXkUnsjkBD4Yx1UKwFH
LIQUID/Ekd27 - https://client.wavesplatform.com/dex?assetId2=7FzrHF1pueRFrPEupz6oiVGTUZqe8epvC7ggWUx8n1bd&assetId1=4t5ZoGweFYqb7zzeL5VBQWMQhBXkUnsjkBD4Yx1UKwFH
WNET/Ekd27 - https://client.wavesplatform.com/dex?assetId2=AxAmJaro7BJ4KasYiZhw7HkjwgYtt2nekPuF2CN9LMym&assetId1=4t5ZoGweFYqb7zzeL5VBQWMQhBXkUnsjkBD4Yx1UKwFH
EFYT/Ekd27 - https://client.wavesplatform.com/dex?assetId2=725Yv9oceWsB4GsYwyy4A52kEwyVrL5avubkeChSnL46&assetId1=4t5ZoGweFYqb7zzeL5VBQWMQhBXkUnsjkBD4Yx1UKwFH
MER/Ekd27 - https://client.wavesplatform.com/dex?assetId2=HzfaJp8YQWLvQG4FkUxq2Q7iYWMYQ2k8UF89vVJAjWPj&assetId1=4t5ZoGweFYqb7zzeL5VBQWMQhBXkUnsjkBD4Yx1UKwFH
Ekd27/Ekodium - https://client.wavesplatform.com/dex?assetId2=4t5ZoGweFYqb7zzeL5VBQWMQhBXkUnsjkBD4Yx1UKwFH&assetId1=2xF4FxuoAyqEs9X2xiWqfk9YwmDQZa7aKcaUQdCG9aA1
Ekd27/Waves - https://client.wavesplatform.com/dex?assetId2=4t5ZoGweFYqb7zzeL5VBQWMQhBXkUnsjkBD4Yx1UKwFH&assetId1=WAVES

Welcome to our new member!

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Good day! Our faucet: https://h2ox.io/Ekd27-faucet

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Good day: our onepager https://cloud.mail.ru/public/NKCF/ZhMLbswsP

начисления приходят нерегулярно,сейчас вообще исчезли

Good day! Charges were sent on March 17 https://wavesexplorer.com/address/3PMV1iYhRdC2JjZ7VyF2h588JY2nAHWNk5E the next March 19-20, the difference in days due to the time difference, the launch is performed from the city of Khabarovsk. We are now working on this to be performed daily, temporarily accruals will be performed every two or three days, we hope for understanding, in the near future we will establish.

Good day! Good mood and music: https://youtu.be/3Cy_z4jTWKA

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Welcome!!! send your addresses wallets for giveaway 1000 coins Ekd27 , cosalc you need to create on the platform [wavesplatform.com ] Airprop will be held until march 31 , 2019! Thank You!

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Good day! Updated our litepaper, fixed bugs added roadmap and integration! Read more here: https://cloud.mail.ru/public/MchR/Z1F7rGx36

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Our updated roadmap is here: https://cloud.mail.ru/public/9DLU/JDeVjL2xL

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Good news! Our first listings:

here you can track the rate and the current rating of Ekd27!

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Good news! Our first listings: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/ekd27-coin
Here you can track the course and the current rating! We just started and you will find a lot of interesting things! Ekd27! # Ekd27 # rating # coingecko

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Good day! Airdrop 1000 Ekd27 every 6 hours can be obtained here: https://h2ox.io/Ekd27-faucet

Airdrop will be active as you find the balance of tokens Ekd27, at the moment it is equal to: 985846310 Ekd27 Have a good day!

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Good day! Our first BOUNTY sale! Here you can exchange bonus tokens Ekd27:


Attention!The number of lots is limited! BOUNTY sale as part of the BOUNTY program from Ekd27!


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Good day!

Blockchain project Ekd27 took part in the competition “Elevator”(https://vk.com/konkurslift) a lot of positive and good mood all got in this competition!

Ekd27 team has announced a platform for crypto investments for residents of our region and all participants! The platform allows you to implement your project and get funding in 3 simple steps!

Ekd27 passed in the 3rd stage of the competition and now all projects “Elevator” are waiting for voting!

Thanks so much

Participants, organizers, coaches, Andrew, Tatiana and Maxim, in stage 3 we went out trainings on “Zaimka”, for 2 days we worked with and taught, this has allowed us to create a video presentation is required for online voting and the passage of a 4 stage of the competition “Elevator” (http://konkurslift.ru/ https://www.instagram.com/konkurslift)! Also the event was attended by our Governor of Khabarovsk Krai Furgal C. I. has Created a very positive working atmosphere!

After the may holidays, a link will be sent for online voting of the Elevator contest projects! We invite You to join us!

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Blockchain project Ekd27 was held in the 3rd stage, today on may 10 online voting of 91 projects passed in this stage of the competition “Elevator”, on this link you can view all the projects announced in the
contest for voting: http://konkurslift.ru/vote

30 projects with the highest number of votes will advance to the finals!

Your support is Important for us, when launching the platform "Social blockchain network “Elevator” every entrepreneur or startup will be able to implement their idea into the project and get the necessary funding with the help of cryptocurrency in 3 simple steps!

Support us click the link http://konkurslift.ru/vote No. 2 project stack “to give voice to” Support the idea!
#ekd27 #contest lift

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=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=Ok sent!

Have a nice day!

Ahead of Ekd27 waiting for the update of whitepaper, will be prescribed procedures how to become a member of the project Ekd27, how to create your postulate!


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последняя выплата была 14мая-и тишина(((похоже,что наши миллионы на офшоры вывели(((

да,выплаты пришли…почемуто они теперь приходят только после того,как публично поднимается об этом вопрос…или просто совпадение?

Доброе утро! Спасибо что обратили внимание, действительно сейчас идут задержки с выплатами, это не в коем случае не сказывается на количестве Ekd27 к выплате и в то же время сейчас ведется работа над новым постулатом POS майнинга, за две недели до запуска мы оповестим в данном форуме и с основными его характеристиками! Спасибо, будут вопросы пишите!

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