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Hi Great project ,


Good day! The good news is, we are written about friends http://vk.com https://vk.com/wall-138187343_555

Great project 3P23RfHzkPF7bRok3ZyRJXM4E2Z85aVdaqc

Good day! Already on January 12, 2019, this year will be interesting and innovative for all ICO products! Our current result, what is being done: the terms of sales 1 000 000 000 000 Ekd27 fact 113816960 Ekd27 10 holders of tokens Ekd27 sent your wallets for skill 1, one of them is the holder of 1,000,000 tokens Ekd27. In the near future we will distribute the profits and publish the transaction data here. What’s new in the project: official website https://qdiid.tb.ru/(soon to be transferred to ekd27 domain) social groups https://twitter.com/Ekd271 https://www.facebook.com/ekd271 news feeds about the project https://coins.newbium.com/post/24730-ekd27 https://medium.com/@Ekd271/ (here we will also publish news)
token Ekd27 precision https://coincodex.com/crypto/ekd27/ Done 1 the postulate of the QE class, the user has offered their services for PR in the social. networks performed and received a reward in Ekd27 tokens. In the near future we will post the postulates on GitHub. Thank you all! Our project is very young and requires support if you have any ideas or suggestions please write to the forum or e-mail alexeer@list.ru

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Drop here :helicopter::dash::dash::dash:

Always open to receive…Good luck to all of us. Thank you

Good day! Transactions sent in accordance with qualification level 1:
3PMMKGGF21LxBUWMfzma4E9Y3TkR2Ltjb1o 600000Ekd27 TXID CrRm4LLmVZQipserAKpnih2MBm2gFhzsvejPMHXynv8J
3P8e1sE1U3nmea3TGWnbEs9eYibvneAwYJQ 77400Ekd27 TXID 6AGYpUNS6jxcqQQFwN269UX48MYa1vyeP2jM4Lqa7q72
3PK57u2rgTVQ8JvVVc3htyJbGwJCUQBvydk 677400Ekd27 TXID E9UDHWpbc7H59nY4D1XFUt9KBf6CtBCXNGGJCzhFu9ao
3PEmjGYaa1PcGsijDSLv4nDPmACpMnXLLAk 77400Ekd27 TXID D1Gg1kB3SMfutwsZ8Gouyfev3gVPGRRbnAFhtCWf7m8Y
3PDhAiiDQn3ZvxCrfVVvyjHXT4UH9e6VsLn 6000000Ekd27 TXID 5s17TDDjt42No8i2MHL2xG4MCZRfGZGj2ZjT7sb7KogX
3PMiwdjpnW4uUN7kzpTdEnmKdfXuincmf4u 603737Ekd27 TXID 5z9MdSJSjvHmXkYFKdQM6PdffYwKbw46ot3sNQPVozQw
3PAdwsbvJCoAZN5HunG2uZ6SKxqjgKbdt7J 240Ekd27 TXID B6mdepZmJpSFk7SmCZWEMpkTg4B5UAxUQm36ZgF6qpUM
3P739Thhqj4USx7crp74XMdtyd2NnFFuT85 1200Ekd27 TXID HPHSpEze8CEA67A2stP9r9QD9awNUGgHRAwFc9Y3hRSQ
3P5VADHAxkfpMYxDFiCarqjE2FzFY9QDR8a 120Ekd27 TXID 3HyoR1EuUWV4pR43Gd39ahaeg3hMFm9zMeHdRnzkD8Ex
3P39m1y6uggAYR2LneW3hxZ4xmFWyMZA1CL 240Ekd27 TXID Cs3GuDBj7zWJZxa1quQGfL9yTZ5ftxo98kvS6s7AazMn

You can track transactions here: https://wavesexplorer.com/
649999999926019000Ekd27 will be directed to the class of postulates QW
199999999977237000Ekd27 will be directed to the class of postulates QE
149999999982927000Ekd27 will be directed to the class of postulates QS

The gross share of tokens from QW the postulate class will be directed to the promotion and development of the project, including the community and traders loyalty program. Thank you all very much, in the near future we will publish the postulates, the loyalty program! With respect Amosov Alexey.

start airdrop:send your addresses wallets for giveaway 1000 coins Ekd27, cosalc you need to create on the platform wavesplatform.com! Airprop will be held until January 31, 2018! Thank You!
To acquire a token to make a purse https://wavesplatform.com please send wallet address to mail alexeer@list.ru or a message to Twitter or the forum and we will send you 1000Ekd27 within the airdrop, he was with us until January 31!

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Good day! This is our first postulate of the QE class, you can see here: https://cloud.mail.ru/public/4juN/kukZDn494 the postulates of QW QS classes will be published soon.

Hi! We have launched PASSIVE MINING TOKEN, get 5% dividends on your balance, return on investment 20days!!! ROI over 1000%!!! C’est formidable! More details can be found here:https://cloud.mail.ru/public/GQGY/dm26it6Sp

Good day! Screen the first transactions of passive token mining! Join us!

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i support this project - sucess

Good day! We have launched Tarders Asset, now when trading on the platform wavesplatform.com paired with USD, WAVES, ETH, you get trading compensation in Ekd27 tokens!

What is trader’s asset?

This is a way to compensate for trading on exchanges for traders.

Why did we create this method?

Trader s asset created as part of the promotion token Ekd27 on the platform wavesplatform.com in the framework of the loyalty program and growth of daily turnover token Ekd27.

What do I get for this?

  • In trade token Ekd27 against the USD, it may be selling or buying, we will pay you back a token Ekd27 the rate of $1=100Ekd27;

  • In trade token Ekd27 paired with WAVES, it can be selling or buying, we will pay you back a token Ekd27 based 1WAVES=150Ekd27;

  • In trade token Ekd27 paired with ETH, it can be selling or buying, we will pay you back a token Ekd27 based 1ETH=1000Ekd27;

Why don’t you use other pairs with Ekd27 token?

The most active pair with high turnover on the platform wavesplatform.com it stimulates the turnover of the token and provide the yield investors PASSIVE MINING TOKEN.

How can I?

Only 4 steps:

1 - Register on the platform: https://wavesplatform.com

2 - Purchase Ekd27 tokens on this exchange or get them on a free hand, see the forum: Ekd27 Airdrop

3 - Create any turnover in pairs EKD27 / USD, EKD27/WAVES, EKD27 / ETH, it can be sale, purchase, or sale and purchase. Make a screenshot, create a link to the screenshot in the cloud or on your Twitter.

4 - Send 1Ekd27 (in the message to the transaction, specify this link to the screen!) a special purse 3PDarYb245YsNdDJyt2RktzAEr3av6wpzgr.

After 1-2 days you will receive compensation of trading on your wallet of the sender.

How can I verify a trade compensation transaction has been executed?

Just go to: https://wavesexplorer.com/address/3PDarYb245YsNdDJyt2RktzAEr3av6wpZgr

How many tokens are allocated for this payment method?

About 15 000 000 000Ekd27.

As other people know about this principle?

We will publish this information:

https://twitter.com/Ekd271 https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5077961.0

https://medium.com https://github.com/Alexey2804/Ekd27

Hi, today is a good day to burn some tokens! At the request of the ICO Ekd27 participants, part of the tokens after 1 qualification, which is 100 000 000Ekd27, we burned!


Part of the tokens that turned out to be free or not sold after passing the qualification we burn.
Why are we doing this?
We burn tokens to ensure token turnover and stimulate the Ekd27 token rate on the platform wavesplatform.com
How often are we going to burn token?
Every time after qualifying.
How can I verify that the tokens have been burned?
Just go to: https://wavesexplorer.com/tx/1tdyFhEZTZEGS65t8uBut15gReMRK4Wk1dUNmTPndrs
How many tokens are allocated for burning?
About 100 000 000 000Ekd27.
As other people know about this principle?
We will publish this information:
https://twitter.com/Ekd271 https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5077961.0
https://medium.com https://github.com/Alexey2804/Ekd27