Ekd27 Airdrop

start airdrop:send your addresses wallets for giveaway 1000 coins Ekd27, cosalc you need to create on the platform wavesplatform.com ! Airprop will be held until January 31, 2018! Thank You!
To acquire a token to make a purse https://wavesplatform.com please send wallet address to mail alexeer@list.ru or a message to Twitter or the forum and we will send you 1000Ekd27 within the airdrop, he was with us until January 31!

Good day! We have launched a cashback from the back of the store! Get 30% cashback in Ekd27 tokens from the turnover of your customers! More details can be found here



QUANTITY 17 000 000 000Ekd27


What is cashback Ekd27?

This is a cashback for customers of your store paid in Ekd27 tokens.

Where this cashback can be used?

In online trading, or another way of trading where you are a seller.

What is the difference between this cashback and others?

This cashback is fully decentralized and is located in the waves blockchain.

What do I get for this?

You will receive 30% of cashback turnover in Ekd27 tokens of your customers to your wallet created on the platform wavesplatform.com every 5 days.

What is my benefit?

You will be able to earn Ekd27 tokens or change them to USD and other cryptocurrency, your customer reward system will be fully decentralized without any risks for business and your trading. The token will encourage your customers to make a larger purchase to activate all their tokens. You independently set a % discount for payment of your goods and services with Ekd27 tokens, thereby being a 100% owner of the discount system and cashback.

What will my customers get?

Customers will receive cashback in Ekd27 tokens at the rate of 1 Ekd27 token = $ 1 in the purchase receipt of your store. Customers will receive a discount in your store or other method of trade or will be able to pay them in full based on the % discount you set for payment of your goods and services.

What should I do to register as a seller and use cashback Ekd27?

Only 4 steps:

1 - Register on the platform: https://client.wavesplatform.com

2 – Buy 2 token Ekd27 on the stock exchange or get them on free hand watch forum: Ekd27 Airdrop

3 - Send 1Ekd27 to special billing wallet 3P7L2JzpAVGGjQAnVAqmowXmPSDdjKRbxdb

In the message when sending the Ekd27 token to a special billing wallet, be sure to specify: "the official name of the seller, which will appear in all checks or other documents confirming the purchase from you and a link to your website, if there is no website then the address of the store."

4 - Notify your customer that you are working WITH cashback Ekd27 make a link to the table specified below in your online store or print and put near the place of work of the seller in your store.

What do my customers need to do to get CASH BACK in Ekd 27 tokens:
Only 3 steps:
1 - take a picture of the check or other document confirming the purchase in the store to all the information was readable!!!
2 - send this photo in telegrams and enter your e-mail address: t.me/cashekd27
3 - wait for 1-3 days you will receive cashback in Ekd27 tokens and instructions for using this Ekd27 token will be sent to your e-mail address!!!
What should my customers do to activate the discount with Ekd27 tokens in the store:
Find this sign in the store or online store, find out the discount percentage and the wallet address of the store or find it in t.me / cashekd27 send the amount of tokens that the seller will indicate to you with the help of your wallet! Show a completed transaction or the TXID of the transaction to the seller!

How can I check the balance of tokens allocated for CASH BACK Ekd27 on a special billing wallet?

It is enough to go to the link:


What is the number of tokens allocated to this CASH BACK EKD27?

About 17 000 000 000Ekd27.

What is the term of this postulate?

While there are tokens on the balance of a special billing wallet, a new postulate with cashback will be created in the future and tokens will be allocated.

When will the integration of the Ekd27 token with trading be available for its automation?

After the launch of the Ekd27 block chain and its full operation. Approximately after passing this ICO, follow our road map and white paper, we will publish this information.

As other people know about this postulate about my shop in your CASH BACK End 27?

On the postulate and the accession of your store, we will publish:



telegram: t.me/cashekd27




Hi! Good news Ekd27 token shows sales growth, the turnover for today was about 95waves, about $ 250, this is a positive trend + 316% to turnover! Join us!


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Good day! Good news today in PASSIVE MINING TOKEN collected 3677040Ekd27 on the balance of the bilingual wallet 10004748378 tokens for distribution and mining! More details can be found here: https://wavesexplorer.com/address/3PMV1iYhRdC2JjZ7VyF2h588JY2nAHWNk5E Welcome!

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Good day! This is our first store to join the cashback project from Ekd27! Here you can buy metal! We Are Waiting For You! RUSTEEL http://rusteel.ru/habarovsk/
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3PNiBvBvhi3anP441aZoLF4yFvyQgqASKHE дай те мне

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