Electronic statement - balance time machine


The waves could implement an electronic extract, because by the current system (wallets) or even by the block explorers, it is very difficult to know how much of balance you had in a certain date or period.


You can Export Your Wallet or Account Balance Holding details or History here: (It will be exported in .csv format)
Use Excel to consolidate it.

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I know, but it would be much easier to check this in the application itself, without needing another program. Many people have no idea what a CSV file is, or how to import, much less how to make a spreadsheet down.


Can you provide some common use cases for this issue?

As a user, never felt the need for it.


A account statement is a monthly or period document that summarizes your activity to show what money went in and out of a bank account. It can help you track finances, catch account mistakes and understand your spending habits on a regular basis.

The statement includes an account summary, transaction details, it may be possible to make a note on each entry.
A statement period is usually one month long, and it may not match up with the calendar month.
You can find the specific deposits, withdrawals and fees in the transaction details section.

You should regularly review your account statements to make sure everything is accurate. “Reconciling your account” — or matching up your own record of deposits, withdrawals, interest and fees with the information on your account statement.

For example, a account statement may show a account with a beginning balance of 105 waves, total deposits of 300 waves, total withdrawals of 195 waves, an ending balance of 210 waves and fees for the period April 1 through April 30.

When you work with a basic account it is easy to do, plus an account that is used to make many transactions needs that control. Who runs the blackbot has around 1000 transactions per month, how do you know how much you earned, how much you spent, when you paid for fees? The account statement is for this, to have control of your account.