Email service to send pre-loaded wallet sign up link to new user


This will be useful in bringing new users to the platform.

For example, it will enable clubs, groups and families who want to enroll everyone into a token-based gamification scheme, to do so easily.

The idea is that the person setting up the scheme will create a new token, load x number of those tokens to a number of randomly generated wallet addresses (without ever having the seed) and the service will then distribute the addresses to the email addresses of each new user and enable them to setup the wallet as normal.

To do the same thing now requires seed phrases to be exposed to the person setting up the scheme. Plus lots of instructions and some level on tech-savviness on the behalf of the new user.


Some of the email services are giving the preloaded wallet signup link of the new user. you can simply use the wallet by signup the account. For instant support related to the Roadrunner Email please visit Roadrunner Email Error 501 for the best solution.