Exchange rate of app is wrong (rekt)


Anyone knows if there is support for buying throuh the app?

It is due to my own mistake, but it really bothers me. I bought some waves on the DEX (275 USD worth), but I thought it would be the DEX exchange rate. At the time price of one waves was around 1.5 usd. Which is +/- 183.33 waves…

However it is only sending 87 Waves? And they are still offering 87 waves for 275 USD at current price of 2,14 USD. This must be a mistake on the dex… Who can I contact on this?

know it is a DEX, but the product offered does not comply with what one should get and it takes the role of selling a wrong product. I know there should be some kind of fee, but 100 waves… come on… I have transaction dates form the card and on the app. I’m sure there can be a solution for it.

And yes, I know I should have looked better at the rate the are offering.


Hello Wijnand. Wake attentive when buying. Such transactions are processed by our partner (gateway service).The main reason for such exchange rate is high market volatility.