F scammers


Transaction ID: DRFgXogVntWDj537VuphxFi1TJytqSdjJxfNhnaWAPtJ
Type: 11 (mass transfer)
Date: 02/25/2019 12:50
Sender: 3P3wRm38hMVkdMsUjWZdV64MaEwjqq4Z31N
Amount: 0 Immortal (CkpBxhoePrFQvW2kMmgTq4Qw1Q75ThWSJoMKP7RDQxXM)
Fee: 0.055 WAVES
Attachment: This asset is immortal

Sort it out waves not looking good in your decentralized wallet
Or give some ideas how to stop those scammers


i got 369 of these and the asset must be immortal because i’m never going to be able to buy due to not being able to sell them!


waves needs to worry about the code is law concept. the code is law concept does not work, as you can just code in a scam.


they need to take down smart assets configuration and rethink how to apply the smart assets concept, at least force coded parameters.