For Haiti to Promot Pyas and Waves


Pool name:
Address for leasing:
Payment policy:
Payout every Friday, 90% of Waves +5,000 PYAS.
In order to make people move their leases we do not payout
How much, how frequently do you pay to leasers:

Pool Representatives:
Michelson Michel Twitter
Chiva Moise Twitter
(names, forum usernames, bio)

Haiti , Port-au-prince
(e.g. country, optional)

Feature voting policy:
So far we supported all new features from Haiti to start using Pyas
The system is designed to connect institutions, businesses, stores to customers in order to improve their payment functionality system with an advanced modeling algorithm it uses smart contract escrow mechanism, and create a transparent and fair platform for customers and institutions, businesses, stores PYASCOIN aims to reinvent the old name PYAS of Haiti, currency market, using the latest blockchain technology and digital currencies.

What development features do you usually support? How decide, etc…

Other Details:
About Pyascoin we’ll promote waves to help people about the waves dex and also PYAS token Thank


I’ll thank you we need crypto to Haiti


Sorry for the website but at this we built the website so sorry for that so continue so support PYASCOIN