Forum rules


It’s prohibited on the Waves forum:

You can create and comment topic only by using English. All international discussions will be deleted!

  1. Names of topics

— Creating topic by using CapsLock, i.e.: “MOBILE APP ISSUE”, “TRANSACTION FAILED” etc

— CapsLock can be used only for tickers. For example Bitcoin(BTC), Litecoin(LTC)

— Creating topics with an unclear name, i.e.: "Urgent!", "Everyone here" etc.

  1. Thematic restrictions

— Post comments that are not relevant to a topic

— Any kind of political and religious discussions

— It is forbidden to create messages with meaningless or vague content

  1. Duplication

— Post messages more than once

— Creating a topic related to an already existing project within the Waves ecosystem - the first copy will be deleted, more than 2 times - all topic to be deleted, more than 3 times - you will not have an opportunity to create a topic anymore

  1. Advertising

— Post commercial messages which means messages containing advertisements for goods or paid services which aren’t related to Waves ecosystem or don’t accept $WAVES as a payment method as well as directly or indirectly aimed at making a profit by interested parties

— Invitations to participate in Ponzi schemes. Such posts will be deleted, and in case of the repetition, a creator will lose a possibility to create a new topic

  1. Incorrect behavior

— Post any information that is contrary to the law;

— Insult other forum participants and get personal; swearing (for insulting moderators or other members of the site you risk getting a life ban);

— Leave offensive, defamatory or impartial statements against members of the forum

  1. Posting

— Forbidden to post your wallet address in any topic

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