Free token distribution from BRIACASH


Holding a bounty company BRIACASH

From August 20, 2019 to October 1, 2019, the administration of the BRIACASH blockchain project launched a bounty company with free distribution of WBRIACASH (WBRIACH) tokens.

The number of tokens received for fulfilling the conditions of the task is 0.2 WBRIACASH.

The period of the bounty campaign can be reduced, since no more than 500 original Wawes wallet addresses can be distributed.

Rules for receiving free WBRIACASH tokens:

  1. Subscribe to the official Telegram channel:
  2. Subscribe to the official Twitter:
  3. Tweet and Retweets the post:
  4. Fill out the Google form:

More information about the BRIACASH blockchain project can be found on its official website.

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Donate Litecoin : MT9CnnjLitRW6BNEL4wF5LmbysqXEZpqUC