Full node 'plukkie'


I run my own full node on a virtual machine.
I did my first install at May 2018.

These are the specs of my machine;

  • Linux - version hided for security
  • RAM 16G
  • Diskspace 150G
  • 2 vCPU’s
  • Waves node name ‘Plukkie’

Waves Leasing wallet;
alias name: plukkieforger
address: 3P7ajba4wWLXq6t1G8VaoaVqbUb1dDp8fm4

I pay 100% waves fees and divide 10 Mrt’s per forged block.

In my sparetime I like to code and script on the blockchain.
I created a modified version of the original LPoSdistributer script (from Hawky), for automated payout to leasers. Feel free to use it and enjoy the automated nature of this one:
LPoSdistributer script: ‘lazy version’


Why don’t you pay by mass transfers?


Hi, I did not look into mass transfers yet. Isn’t that only applicable if everyone gets the same amount payed?