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What is Golden Cloud Token [GCT2]?

Golden Cloud Token [GCT2] is an asset that is currently working on the WAVES blockchain. The objective of GCT2 are two:

  • Develop a new form of global government, based on the digital assembly democracy based on blockchain, which will guarantee the property and existence of all the people of the planet, greatly reducing the costs of the political class in the world. In Golden Cloud Token [GCT2] we eliminate the concept of “representativeness” because it is false. We organize ourselves in working groups with a horizontal structure and we make decisions by referendum by assembly. Currently and as a first objective, we must develop a “global constitution” to organize ourselves in a fair and consensual way as a group

  • Disintermediated Banking (P2P Banking), banking without banks. To achieve political democracy is necessary financial democracy, for this reason we promote the Bank Disintermediated (P2P Banking), banking between individuals. The current banks are excellent safes, which is why they are necessary, however the exchange of currencies and banking functions such as loans and investment are already possible thanks to the Blockchain technology. Register your Startup in Golden Cloud or participate as a collaborator in our groups, you will receive airdrops from our companies, and these companies will work with collaborators all over the planet.

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Is GCT2 stable?

No, GCT2 fluctuates. The main reason is to allow connection with companies outside the system. Our intention is not to create a separate world, it is to improve with more profitable and successful proposals to that part of the obsolete and rich world.

Characteristics of GCT2

Name / Symbol: Golden Cloud Token / GCT2
Algorithm: Waves Platform
Token Supply: 3,500,000,000.00000000
Max Supply: 3,250,000,000.00000000
Circulating: 2,000,000.00000000
Re-usable: yes
Date of Issue: 08.06.201 // 21:00
Decimal: 8
Commission: 0.001 WAVES
Block Time / Type of mining: 1 min / PoS
Explorer; https://wavesexplorer.com/tx/9DYPDwvwxmUjtdKtEdfk8eUMmG43H1G8AUBpYoiZcPc3

GCT2 official website:

Our official website is: https://www.goldencloudtoken.com

Create your wallet

If you already have a WAVES wallet you can access it with our portal, because GCT2 works in the WAVES blockchain.
If you do not have it, you can create one in one of these two links:

Participate in Assemblies for Decentralized Democracy based on blockchain

  1. Create your Wallet at https://www.goldencloudtoken.com/wallet/
  2. Join our global telegram working group: https://t.me/joinchat/JkSEzhOH7veqeo3R7gztKQ
  3. Participate and earn GCT2 by collaborating with community projects. Make your proposals and get collaborators to achieve your goals in a democratic and fair way with your colleagues.
  4. Join our working group https://t.me/joinchat/JkSEzhOH7veqeo3R7gztKQ

List your token

Lease your WAVES in our mine

You can rent your WAVES and get GCT2 in our mine: 3P9tQwZTSgiYNA789hdXzHuGzVTh4eFLrJq

More information here:

Invest in unintermediated banking

You can list your free token or paying. If you do it for free, you will need the support of the community. You can list it by paying 20,000 GCT2, which we will distribute as stipulated in our manifesto.
In a democratic society, it is the community that supports and defends good projects, tell us about yours.
All the information you have here: https://www.goldencloudtoken.com/co/index.php

Where to buy GCT2

GCT2 works in the WAVES blockchain. You can buy GCT2 in one of these two links:


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GCT2 we will democratice the economy! Lease your WAVES in GCT2 node! Thanks :wink: Golden Cloud NODE [GCT2] (https://www.goldencloudtoken.com)



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