Godsend, a scam token from creator of Goldmine


Hi! This is my third topic so far and I’m here to warn you about the token “Godsend”.
If you have read my previous topic, you might already know that I got scam from the token called “Goldmine” --Read more about it here

It’s still going so please be aware.
Today I decide to check how much waves the issuer scammed so far in waves explorer and I spotted some “Asset issued” appear in the latest transaction and there’s more transactions above that say “exchange 1 godsend for 1 waves” and I check in the DEX just to make sure it’s scam. And it is!! “Can only sell at a price of 1.00000001 waves or more” trick again!!! So if you got airdrop this token. Just burn it! KILL IT WITH FIRE!!! And we’ll never see it scam us again. (Of course Until the issuer created more coin)

Scam token (Scam not spam)