H2OX.io - A Waves Token Exchange




Good project ! Good luck



Great Draft




I can’t claim waves and other token when I click on claim on 0:00 nothing happen…


Many thanks for this project.
I have signed up.
Username: SAHA72






С удоаольствием присоединяюсь к вашему проекту.Желаю вам огромных успехов. 3P7VmSeR9W4fuUKN93roijYbzmnWzmvw62J


name Asaphus --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Good job!
Telegram @KhoaCrypto
Twitter @KhoaCrypto
My wallet


Доброго всем! Faucet FeeTx уже на сайте


Хороший проект! Удачи




А в ответ тишина((((


Sorry, I don’t understand what you are trying to say!

Is FeeTx your token?
Did you create a faucet for it?

Why do you show a screenshot of the nodes balance?
Who has 5071 FeeTx tokens? Did you send them to the faucet?

Keep in mind that people can withdraw them from the site whenever they want!
Of course the balance is reduced!

I don’t get all the screenshots with the transactions!
Did you withdraw them?
Did you send them to H2OX?

Also, keep in mind that FeeTx’s fee sponsorship ran out of funds, so it won’t be available to be used as a fee.

If you have any questions, you could join the Russian Telegram group:

and ask someone there if they can help you or explain to me what you want.


@hexaclus long ago there were no posts about updates on the site


why are you lying? rather, you are a fraudster, you have indicated your token as a sponsor, but this is a lie


Hey @asaphus,

I know, I haven’t released any more detailed updates on the progress of the site in a while.
Sorry about that!

An update article is long overdue, and I plan to write one soon.
There have been a lot of new additions as the project nears its beta release.

I am usually present on the Telegram group, and inform the community about updates there as they come in, because it is currently the most active channel.


Thanks for introducing H2OX