H2OX.io Leasing Pool



the H2O token is currently locked to the website and can not be transferred or traded.

The current Waves value of your H2O tokens counts towards your generating balance though, so your share of the pool increases with every forged block. :slight_smile:


That means you received 0.00003066 Waves as a payout for that specific block.

I must have missed something, that’s why it is still displayed in scientific notation. :yum:
I’ll see that I get it fixed today!


Thank you for clearing those up for me.


Hey, I have lease to you since 11th of this month, how long will it take to start receiving payout? since i have not receive any yet



you have to create an account and verify the Waves address/es you leased from.

Payouts occur after every forged block and are directly added to your account balance
where you can withdraw them immediately or let them accumulate.

Once you verify your address you will receive all previous payouts.


where am i supposed to create the account?.. because obviously i have a wave account and other people i leased to have been paying me


Tell me how i need to verify the my address and will you be paying the arrears?


You need to create an account on H2OX.io
This pool is a little different but has some unique features and benefits! :slight_smile:

After signing up you will be able to verify your Waves address in the system and all accumulated leasing rewards will be released to your account.

Let me know if you have any questions about the verification process.


Добрый день подскажите как скоро заработает узел? Спасибо!