Help me understand

I’m not a geek or computer nerd(not that you have to be), I am a 64yo male trying to get a handle on crypto.
Ok, my question might sound like a dumb question but, , I am hot on crypto but I know nothing about it. I’ve bought 4 - $500 dollars worth and have lost it all. I need a starting point to learn, The very bottom, and I’ll grow at my own pace. Can some one tell me where to start. Classes, reading, a…

Everyone starts out that way and that’s okay. Your mistake was a large sum. Create a wallet, Deposit $ 2 and trade. In trying to understand trading you will learn 80% of everything you need !

I bought low and sold high expecting my money to double, instead it got halved. I know it’s in the timing and a few other variables. Actually waves says I have 244.75 in reserve and I don’t know what that means. the whole system is screwy.
The coin I purchased is Starta. It will go from 30 cents to a dollar in one day and then back to 30 cents the next day. If I buy low and sell high why is my money getting cut in half.