How do you move a token away from the list of Suspicious assets using mobile wallet?


The WAVES mobile wallet is not as smart as it should be.

I created our own token using the desktop wallet. Then I imported my wallet to the mobile app. The token I created with the same address falls under Suspicious assets. That is stupid. Yet all those trash tokens being sent by spamming appears in the regular list.

How do I move our asset into the regular list away from suspicious list?


Please keep in mind that mobile apps are being developed by enthusiasts/hobbyists. Sapienti sat :slight_smile:


Oh I see. So it means the mobile app is not an official Waves product? I do plan to just develop an android app specifically built for WAVES and our own token. I really hate to see all those unsolicited tokens and other cryptocurrencies in both the desktop and mobile app like TRX, BSV, etc. Though there’s an option to hide them, much better to not just show them at all.

BTW, still how do we promote a token to not be tagged “Suspicious”? It’s crazy to see our own created token appear “suspicious” in the wallet that created it.


If you think that your token shouldn’t be in spam please contact our support:
Best regards, Waves Community Manager.