How Secure is Waves Exchange?

Hey Guys I’m looking forward to use waves dex exchange to trade mt crypto earlier i was using the other crypto as i haven’t felt safe there.

Lot of my friends suggested me to use the waves exchange, on the other hand, i have read the various Waves DEX review in which i have come to know that Waves have a standard flat fee model for both makers and takers and also it is safe and secure.

Let me know your point of view on Waves Exchange?


It has the level of security which depends on yourself. If you know what you are doing - you are completely safe. Just make sure your computer is safe, no one knows your seed etc.


Usually I use Binance exchange, but I’ve never tried Waves exchange. Maybe I’ll give it try. And it would be great to read more posts about the experience of using it.

2 great things about waves exchange:

  • Your funds are owned by you. You cannot lose your coins if any node or matcher will be hacked.
  • There are tons of currency pairs to trade. If you want to trade CoinA against CoinB, you can do it for sure

Yeah, it’s definitely a great exchange online service.