How to sell Alogic / Waves – the logic and description of the work with Smart Asset

  • The life time of an order must not exceed 1 day.
  • The minimum price for the sale and purchase is changing every Cycle to approximately 3,000 points. Every Cycle is equal to 1166 blocks in the blockchain Waves (approximately 1300 minutes).
  • The first cycle was began approximately at block 1400000. The exact starting block can be determined only after cycle #100, considering all the levels.
  • Recommended to put sell orders slightly above the upper limit of the upcoming cycle and a bit below the level for the next cycle, and to buy at prices strap when it starts the next cycle.
  • The amount for the purchase or sale is not restricted.

Approximately every 13 days going on a Cycle “X” (Cycle X), after which the movement of the price of each cycle varies by about +1000 points.

The picture schematically illustrates the operating logic.

We wish you good luck in working with promising smart asset!

Alogic smart contract you can buy and sell on the exchange WAVES DEX using token ID 6DDxq2jum9d7CNNwuh15NLGTci4TzgXPU3QfMBvJmQHR

По-русски: Смарт актив Alogic – что это и как на нем заработать


On the block No. 1459247 in the blockchain Waves will occur a Cycle “Triple X” (#44)

Everyone who will hold on the balance 6+ Alogic tokens along with a big Friday AirDrop will get 0.00000101 BTC

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On the block No. 1474898 in the blockchain Waves will occur a Cycle “Quad X” (#58)

What happened to alogic ?. it no longer goes up in price. nobody buys anymore

it seems scam because there is a 2.66586656 Waves with 96 alogic for sale and it never ends … and is not the minimum sale supposed to be 1 day ?. That sales order takes more than 3 days !.
while the shekel rises. but it did not go up and it does not end.

This seems scam.

We are very sorry and everybody got a compensation.

Alogic problems was because of the discovered bug that affected the lifetime of orders, so we had to restart the smart contract with the lowest possible price and start with “Cycle X Zero” by the same rules and an improved algorithm, but with a forced check of the lifetime of the order.

Please check out our new smart contract Amoon here:

Здравствуйте а какой компенсации идет речь? Что-то я не врубаюсь? Я ГОВОРЮ об Аlogice?