How to send VST to Vostok node if not connected to mainnet

Hello, in the course of testing our Vostok node with actual VST tokens, however we are not connected to mainnet since it requires 10000 VST to connect, is there any other way I can transfer VST from my Waves wallet? Do you have alternative way to connect to mainnet without 10000 VST balance?

To connect to network needed at least 10000 Vostok, it’s a strict demand. Full guide about node connection can be found in the docs:
Between don’t forget that you will need perform registration in the site:
Best regards, Waves Community Manager.

OK here’s the dilemma and I wish you can help me out.

Let’s say I have 10,000 VST at DEX.

Now I setup a Vostok Node but it’s not connected to the mainnet since it doesn’t have 10,000 VST.

How can I send then the 10,000 VST from DEX to that node so that its wallet address can be registered on the web site you provided?

Ok never mind I think I got it. Will just use to verify ownership of 10,000 VST.