HuastecaMX Tokenize Chickens


ID: 5dPeAXPUsaUwHTXVS6iP16vxxdvtvRYRptws5zjpr6Q3
Name: HuastecaMX
Total amount: 200,000
Decimal points: 8
Type: Reissuable
Issue date: 22.09.2018 17:04

HuastecaMX Token is backed by my egg farm, every HuastecaMX Token is backed by one of my chicken. Every chicken can live up to 5 years and can reproduce fast. What depterminds the price of the chicken is a Mexican Gov Web Site

The price of chicken is:
(36.00 Pesos x 1.9Kg) = 68.40 Pesos Mexicanos = 3,09 Euros = 1.67027027 Waves 1 HuastecaMX

Investing Projects
Investement In:

  • Auto Insurance Agencies - Existing adn Startups
  • Resturants- Existing and Startups
  • E.Stores- Existing and Startups
  • Educational Websites- Existing and Startups
  • Existing Companies- Existing and Startups

How does Investment work???
Investors will send HuastecaMX to the address providet by the project representative.
How does the returns on investment work???
As the project produce real fiat, the fiat will purchase waves, ether, bitcoin and purchase HuastecaMX on the exchange, And the HuastecaMX will be send as return payment.

Using HuastecaMX to make this kind of transactions will help to keep HuastecaMX to have a low Inflation.

Individuals with E.Store can contacts us to use HuastecaMX as a currency option for their E.Store.
WHY HuastecaMX for my E.Store or Business?
Well because HuastecaMX will keep a stayble price year around and could be exchange for Waves, Bitcoin, Ether

We issue 200,000 HuastecaMX. As we grow our number of Chickens in the farm we will take that same amount to the exchange. Making sure that we will always back every HuastecaMX.

50% Discount presale 3P3csbyrGK8bJrmzBjYVYiH6cL5p9HSf5Dd please on the note add youre email address so we can keep contact.

Farm: La Granja
Locatoin;San Viente, San Luis Potosi, Mexico


Estáinteresante, pero…Dispersas dividendos? O sólo es recomprar?


Si Sr.

10,000 Y + HuatecaMX 5% Dividendo Cuatroveces al año
5,000 a 9,999 HuastecaMX 3% Dividendo Cuatroveces al año
1,000 a 4999 HuastecaMX 1% Dividendo Cuatroveces al año

Pagado los 1 de Marzo, 1 de Junio, 1 Septiembre, 1 de Diciembre

10,000 equivale a pagos de 1,800USD a +
5,000 equivale a pagos de 540USD a 1,080USD
1,000 equivale a pagos de 36USD 180USD


te Puedo dar Airdrop si vas a la parte de projectos y buscas Airdrop alli pon tu direccion si ya lo hisite lo puedo hacer de nuevo.


joined giveaway sir


sağlıklı bir yaşam için güzel proje





Thank you and Good luck to your project.