HuastecaMXToken ICO " Tokenize Chicken"



Issuer: 3P3csbyrGK8bJrmzBjYVYiH6cL5p9HSf5Dd
ID: 7sFAPr7ftWpkVF7rrYTTdYeJ2oNHk67YxQH4xHp6vncv
Name: HuastecaMXToken
Total amount: 100,000
Decimal points: 4
Type: Not reissuable
Issue date: 26.03.2019 22:35
Discription: Each HuastecaMXToken represents a physical Egg producing
Chicken in HuastecaMX Farm in San Vicente Tancuyalab, San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

WhitePaper English.pdf (1.5 MB)

HuastecaMXToken was created to comply with Mexican Fintech Law that ask Cryptocurrency to have a detail description, HuastecaMX didn’t have a detail description. All HuastecaMX Holders will be able to exchange HuastecaMX to HuastecaMXToken in a 1:1 Ratio, before ICO is officially over but have to comply with ID for Anti Money Laundering rules.

HuastecaMXToken is a project like no other.

The purpose of HuastecaMXToken

  1. To tokenize a physical Egg Producing Chick.

  2. Raise the Chick until it becomes a Chicken, and starts producing eggs

  3. Use the Blockchain to take orders to collect eggs and get them ready for egg re-sellers to pickup/ Delivery.

  4. The Finial stage of the project will be when all eggs are exchange for HuastecaMXToken

The Goals Of HuastecaMXToken Projects

  1. Create a system that will help Mexican Agriculture, to get save and quick transactions

  2. Increase Agriculture Productions In Huasteca Region/ Mexico.

  3. Create an Auto-Sufficient Agriculture in the region of Huasteca

  4. Open the Door to other Projects in Mexico to use the Blockchaine to grow their productions

  5. Have an Assosiation with many other Agriculture Projects that use the Blockchaine to audit, and review all the crypto projects in Mexico.

ICO Process

After ICO Process a Certification Will Be Public In Website To Insure All HuastecaMXTokens Are Representing A Physical Chick, That Will Be Raise By HuastecaMX Farms To Be A Egg Producing Chicken.

All HuastecaMX Holders will be able to exchange their HuastecaMX for HuastecaMXToken in a ratio of 1:1 before ICO Process is Over but after ID Process.

The physical chicken will be in the HuastecaMX Farm. This farm is located in San Vicente Tancuyalab, San Luis Potosi, Mexico.


The only way to earn rewards with the HuastecaMXToken will be by leasing them in H2ox. The process will be similar to the Waves lease in the Waves DEX.

You will earn 0.12 for each leased day.

The amount will be added and paid every 3 months to your H2ox account. Renting them for 90 days will give you a reward of 10.8%. The rewards will be purchase by the farm from the DEX and will be given to the people who rent their HuastecaMXToken.

In 2020 my goal is for the rewards to be paid every month 1/2, 0.24% per day

The rewards are for leasing the HuastecaMXToken, the rewards do not represent the income of the farm in any way.

Since the HuastecaMX farm is in Mexico it has to fallow Sep. 8 2018 Fintech Law.
The Mexican Fintech Law did not include ICO or Projects, but according with Article 30th
A Mexican project has to Fallow basic lawful actions in Mexican Law.

Article 30. - For the purposes of this Law, a virtual asset is considered to be a value representation registered electronically and used by the public as a means of payment for all types of legal acts and whose transfer can only be carried out through electronic means. In no case shall the legal tender in the national territory, the currencies or any other asset denominated in legal tender or currency be understood as a virtual asset.

HuastecaMXToken project has very strict rules to fallow with HuastecaMXToken Holders, to insure them from fraud. One of the ways HuastecaMXToken will Protect HuastecaMXToken Holders from fraud is to Certify the amount of Physical Chickens in the HuastecaMX farm, and if the goal is not met in the ICO HuastecaMX Official will have to purchase all HuastecaMXTokens sold in the ICO for the same Price.
HuastecaMXToken Project also has Anti Money Laundering Rules.




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Hi Awal I send you some HuastecaMX
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Hi guys, all address got HuastecaMX. Thank you. I also invite you to HuastecaMX site and get extra Airdrops.


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Hi Chlorson Please check youre address. The system is telling me that its not valid.


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If you buy a HuastecaMX now at .0997 Waves, on 2/1/19 HuastecaMX will start buying them back at 3.09 Euros about 1.67 Waves.

The HuastecaMX is backed by our Chicken 1:1. When the Chickens doubles to 401,000 the Token will be back by 2 chickens each. 1 HuastecaMX to 2 of the Chicken price, about 6.18 Euros. and so on, as long as every HuastecaMX is backed by the Chickens.