💵 ⚽️ HUNDRED-PERCENT BET Airdrop!⚽️ 💵

WAVES actively supports teams whose development is focused on pure dApps. A good idea backed up by the latest technology and the ability to assemble it in a finished product - something that can be a trigger for success.

One of these ideas is a decentralized betting exchange. Bettex project has already created and released it! That’s a dApp based on Waves smart contracts. Bettex team also became a member of the [4th batch] (https://medium.com/waves-lab/fourth-batch-of-waves-labs-grants-distributed-fdfdee34b81d) of Waves grants and is already making a multi-level affiliate program based on smart contracts for these funds. The program will complement Bettex exchange and can be used in any existing or future dApp applications on Waves blockchain.

Right now, extended beta tests are running on dApp Bettex. Everyone can participate in it and get BTXC for bets. Please see details about airdrop in our channel.