I am selling the wavesp2p.com domain

I was creating wavesp2p that would be an awareness project to make WavesPlatform as decentralized as possible, but some events have taken me by surprise, feature #14 that I don’t agree with has been activated, so I won’t support something I don’t agree with

I decided not to continue the project and I am selling the wavesp2p.com and wavesp2p.org domains, if anyone is interested I am selling them for $ 200 and for free I will give the waves.one domains (my Full node site has been disabled) and waves.city for those who buy

Intermediation can be done by someone in the community we can both trust.

I have registered the domains with the namecheap.com provider, the transfer between accounts on namecheap is free and instant and involves no personal data from you or mine.

If you cannot make this type of announcement here please tell me where it is most appropriate.

Thanks everyone, it was a pleasure to be part of this community