I have bad dreams every day!

Does anyone know what’s going on?
I think the robots have been released, … if not, which is great
…(This time in my daily dreams, robots are very resistant …
And I don’t know why people resist, Dex stops for a moment, how far have they infiltrated?(

And whats wrong with bots? More of them - more trading volume - more possible mistakes - more profit for wise traders

Take a look at the numbers …
Both the volume of transactions and the price of sales are all close together!!

This is true in most cases
A clear impression tells us that the seller is one
Another point is that all numbers use the same algorithm

And what is wrong with it? Google for “grid trading bot”, no rocket science there :slight_smile:

I forgot to say,
When the deals reach them, they suddenly disappear !!
What other justifiable interpretation besides the fabricated resistance to this?

To be honest,
you have won :wink:
And I agree with your point of view. It looks flawless
BIG ggggg Like…:facepunch:


But I only told my dream … :disappointed_relieved: !!