I want to understand the script example so please let me know


This is an example in the IDE. I set this script to asset. I do not know how to transfer this asset. please tell me.

match tx {
case tx : TransferTransaction =>
let issuer = Address(base58’3MsZgp7XvTJV7TuqaZ46RJZuG2CtvcxYgC9’)
isDefined(getInteger(issuer, toBase58String(tx.id)))
case m :SetAssetScriptTransaction | SetScriptTransaction => true
case _ => false


You can use transfer function in the console of the IDE.


Thank you for always replying. What code do you run on the console?


You can run the transfer function on the console as its explained here https://docs.wavesplatform.com/en/developer-tools/waves-console/waves-console-overview.html#section-1bc6bf76dd8ace6e4edd9dda3a878dab