InProfit Node

Pool name:
InProfit node
Address for leasing:
3P4QYFDHZqLw94MY1XNEwxdXpFiDuaLjTDu / inprofit alias
in development.
Payment policy:

  • During last two weeks of game of nodes - 300% of waves 300% of MRT mined to every lessor
    After the end of Game of Nodes contest additionally:
  • +2.5% to every leaser waves balance in case of 1st place in Game Of Nodes after it’s end. (or 12000 waves splited in proportions if amount exceeds)
  • +2% on every lease balance in case of 2nd place. (or 8000 waves splited)
  • +1.5% third. (or 7000 waves splited)
  • +0.75% - if we fail to get to top 3 and no more than 5000 waves splited.
  • And 110% of waves 110% MRT to lessors that leased there waves before end of GON for a whole year.
    The ideology and idea of this - you aren’t locked in leasing for whole year, and you can to take your own part of a pie instantly. Current annual rate of waves in lease is about 1.2% so we are proposing you to get additional waves from a 230% mining for a whole year.
    (In case of late lease and it’s not being fully calculated on weekly average and getting lower amount of points in Game of Nodes we will give bonus proportionally amount of days e.g We got 3rd place and you lease get to generating adress 3.5 days before end of GON, so you will get 0.75% as only half of your lease counted).
    100% waves and 100% MRT for the rest of time.

Right now, our node is on the first/second position in Game of Nodes contect.
Before the end of contest - payments every week. After - once per 2 weeks

telegram Node chat:
discord community chat:
Contact - @ccqqa telegram.
Feature voting policy:

Community decision

Rewards for Game of Nodes are updated. All old leasers will get from a new, higher rate. Hurry up, only 2 days left.

We made a payment to all lessors with 300% waves & 300% mrt for last 2 weeks. 1000 waves and 9300+ MRT were distributed. Looking forwatd to GON announcement.