InProfit Node

Pool name:
InProfit node
Address for leasing:
3P4QYFDHZqLw94MY1XNEwxdXpFiDuaLjTDu / inprofit alias
Payment policy:
100% waves & MRT payments to all lessors.
And 110% of waves 110% MRT to lessors that leased there waves before end of GON for a whole year. (~2.2% or 12000 waves were distributed to support our lessors during Game Of Nodes as we won it)
100% waves and 100% MRT for the rest of time.
Payments - once a week.
telegram Node chat:
discord community chat:
Contact - @ccqqa telegram.
Feature voting policy:
Community decision & voting. We voted in favour of feature 14 with 70%/30% votes from lessors for it.

Rewards for Game of Nodes are updated. All old leasers will get from a new, higher rate. Hurry up, only 2 days left.

We made a payment to all lessors with 300% waves & 300% mrt for last 2 weeks. 1000 waves and 9300+ MRT were distributed. Looking forwatd to GON announcement.

For some reason post related to voting was marked as spam, but we are running vote rn. Open previous post to get more details

We are finishing our vote with results of:
63610 votes for.
28831 votes against.
About 92% tokens voted and ~69% voted for feature.

And we won GON. Thanks for your support, guys. It was a wonderful and amazing time during whole competition.
To celebrate the victory we hade a payment beforehand without waiting 3rd October. We distributed 12008 waves to all active lessors on 18th of september. We gave out our portion of affiliated address with 280 k of waves to community and 12 k was distrubuted among ~580 k of other lessors. All summed it’s ~2.1 %. Check your wallets.
We made a top rounding for small prices of 0-2 waves
You are free to leave leasing now. But you may stay and receive 110% whole year for those who supported us.
All others will receive 100%

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We made a second payment, ~350 waves + ~3769 MRT were distributed to lessors. + We changed our payment policy to weekly. - Waves - MRT

We made a last payment before update and block reward. To cover last 16 hours before update we made payment 125% in waves size from last 5 days + we payed 5 mrt on block as a bonus(even though there were no MRT reward last week).
Totally distrubuted - 200 waves + 700 mrt.

We distrubuted 1120 waves for first week of new block reward!
Check your wallets^^

We distrubuted 1155 waves for a second week with new block reward!
Next payment will be in around 5-6 days.
Thanks for you support.

We distributed over 10000 waves in 10 last weeks. Payed 110% to all lessors every week.