just visited the website, project looks nice, here is the wallet to receive your coins:



Thanks for the tip. Just added voting bounty at the Waves Mania campaign list:


You can now vote for your favorite crypto projects, Discord servers and artists that are connected with out community already! Visit:


nice project



good project…


espero que tengan exitos. 3PHhh4UGkPvZfaKp7GhyRCrH8WCxi4FXN9X


Thanks all for the reactions!

Latest Price update: INSTANTCOIN is now at $0,02 with 16.000+ circulating supply.

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Good news!
Price is now arround $0,02 - $0,025

If you want to stay updated join us at Discord or Telegram chat.
Telegram invite


You can now also vote for us at:




We have reached new all time high trading at $0,05!


Vote for INSTANTCOIN now at:

Thank you!


Great projecr for instantcoin




This is one of the great projects on waves blockchain happy to be part of this


Sponsored Transaction Fee changed to 0.1 INSTANTCOIN!