iOS app description and hidden assets


My opinion: change the iOS App Store reference - not “Waves - Bitcoin Wallet” but “Waves Platform” or “Waves Wallet”. Also remove the pre-favorited assets LTC Monero etc - just have waves and have the others default hidden but easy to unhide. People (for example my self and the community I belong to) often use this app for sending and receiving customized tokens made using the waves platform and all these other crypto’s (and Turkish lira!) can make some new users confused


you can unpin those default coins in wallet and pin your favorite assets


In the latest version 2.0 of the iOS app you actually can’t unpin them. However I would prefer to have them by default not pinned as waves is a platform that is perfect for creating your own tokens and if you want adoption of your token having these non waves platform tokens is just distracting and in some cases off-putting.

I was told they will fix the app to make it so you can unpin again.


I agree for the name: remove bitcoin from the description and write Waves Decentralized Exchange and Wallet or something similar.


It will in the next release.