Is AGES Scam type Smart Assets?


What is your Opinion of this another Smart Asset name AGES?
No info?
No Website?
No Usecase?
Non Transferrable!
Given FREE!
With Fake Buy order!

Buy Trap Scheme!

What do you think? Will you risk to Buy more so you can sell higher? Or simple ignore it?


I think you have answered your own question by pointing out the facts as they stand.

When I see these types of airdrops that immediately claim to be valued at more than $1USD, I just figure they are all scams and forget about them.

Take Surge token as an example - the airdrop I received is now apparently worth upwards of $400USD, but is useless as it can’t be traded.

With any of these tokens, you can check the Trade History on DEX - if there are only buys and no sells, you can be pretty sure it’s a scam and not worth your time.

If it’s still there in 6 or 12 months and there is active trading on DEX, then happy days! But otherwise, I say treat them all as scams.


It seems that waitting for a long time is the best way…


que tal raptor
la e mirado en publicidad pero empieza desde cero tendrá futuro tiene un sitio web ustedes que opinan


I will buy 5000 Raptor at 0.00004 Waves and wait for 4%/ month