Is it REAL safe for me to deposit my bitcoins or ethers into Waves Wallet?


I am a beginner, i love Waves DEX. I found that if i deposit some ethers into Waves, all the real ethers will be moved to an address like: 0x41d57e163b6c64fca2cd6535fcaa199b1fedd98b instantly.
So i have two questions.

  1. Why the address is not a contract(open source). Which can make sure the ethers in the address will not be stolen. A common wallet has a private key, who know the key can stole all the ethers.
  2. In our Waves wallet, there is a real ether wallet, how Waves platform stores the private key? Or the private key can only be restored by my account feeds?
    Thanks great!


Hi, the address you get from the wallet when depositing ether is Coinomat gateway’s address. When you transfer you ether to this address you receive equivalent amount of WETH token which may be traded on DEX and later exchanged back to ether in Etherium blockchain via this gateway.

When you holding and trading WETH token you use your waves’s address private key. It’s stored on your PC in waves wallet and you should backup it. Do not loss or disclosure your seed or private key to other.


That’s great, thanks a lot