Is liquid token a scam from sasha just stealing money


why did liquid token drop from over 15$ to less than 1$ can not blame bitcoin, because bitcoin only dropped 50% since liquid was 15$


Hello sir!
If you follow discord you saw we are most llikely talking about 1 big whale who dumped his waves assets.
This in combination with bad markets the price is dropping.
If you look at waves dex many projects are dropping heavy.

Kindly don’t call something a scam unless you can prove it. Don’t forgot, prices are free market, nothing to do with a project being a scam or not.
Happy trading!

#5 had been a bad choice for our token, result: its bot dropped down the price to less than 0.001% from its starting price in less tah 48 hours… I stopped the service and returned with an additional loss of 75 LIQUID and almost 10 WAVES.


there is no lıquadition on liquidty token :smiley:


Maybee there was just no buy interest?


No, the bot of LIQUID opens SELL and BUY orders decreasing the price in consecuence. That was I seen on my trial. Regards.


The bot creates liquidity, if more people want to sell than buy, the price will decrease. In your case, I believe, people just did not have the liquidity to sell before thus using it to sell once sufficient liquidity was available.


Which part of “…the bot of LIQUID opens SELL and BUY orders decreasing the price in consecuence.” didn’t you understood?


The bot does not fill it’s own orders…


The idea is good. But the execution should be improved


token liquido? onde encontro mais informações sobre ele?

liquid token? where to find more information about it?