I've sent some ethers to my Waves wallet, but half an hour later, i still can't see it in my wallet!


I am very sure i sent the ethers to the correct address. How long will it take to confirm? Dose any one know?


I think you need to write the support and give details about,
that might help,


Thanks man, it’s so terrible for me!


I think your ether will not be lost, as long as you know how to do it,

One thing I have seen that it take hours before it will appear in your wallet, so i don’t deposit eth or btc to Waves Wallet, What i do is go to exchange and trade my coins to waves then transfer to Wave wallet, that is the smooth way


Thanks for you great advice!


Hello, Longsir.
Since 26 of november the ETH gateway is under a maintance
here is the official statement

Technical issues on Ethereum gateway
Dear customers, please note that Ethereum gateway is suspended for maintenance due to technical issues. We expect the process to take up to a couple of days. Deposits and withdrawals are also disabled. Please use alternative markets or cryptocurrencies in the meantime.
All transactions are safely stored and will be fulfilled gradually.
We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience during maintenance.

PS. Forgot to mension that Mr.Redfish’s advice is very good and I use it too :slight_smile: