Latin American Projects Airdrop


Get to know Latin American projects, and ICOs

Comment your Waves Address get free Tokens from Projects in Latin America.
Tokens will be purchase by author and give out for free to promote projects.

Donations are Welcome. All Donations will be given out to wallets added to this blog monthly, with links of awesome Latin American Projects.

Lets work together and promote Waves and Waves Projects in Latin America.

Discussions and presentation are welcome in our Telegram Group. @WavesLAT


here you can not specify the wallet


Hi Asaphus, Ok thank you


only for latin america?


Yes Sheeton its to promote projects in Latin America since they need a media to promote them, so they can work together.


I’ll give you a hand if you change the name to WavesLAT, that makes more sense if you want to consider all Latinamerican countries rather than just Mexico.


I think that Latin America has lots of potential, and I support WavesLAT so others can get information about the potential of Waves, both as investment and to use it for projects.


Lets become the most interactive Latin American Telegram Group! @WavesLAT


Hi guys we had our first Airdrop ATM won and send to all that have share their Waves Address in the WavesLAT telegram group.

Anyone with a project base in Latin America or that has an Idea for a project in Latin America is welcome to join and share it.

Anyone is welcome to our telegram group and discover Latin American Projects and Ideas.

Lets become the most interactive Latin American Telegram Group! @WavesLAT