Latin lb. ICO &. =Airdrops= Lets Work for a Decentralized LatinAmerican Economy


First Latin American Cryptocurrency for the Waves DEX

ID: 9uSFhacYNgZiJKXThLesbAA8vq34C93J7FCKcTW7VWNt
Name: Latin lb.
Total amount: 10,000,000,000
Decimal points: 8
Type: Not reissuable
Issue date: 25.11.2018 18:02
Description: Latin American Cryptocurrency, For Exchange And Investment.

Objective 1 of this project is to help small and medium-sized companies in Latin American countries to develop own Cryptocurencies in the Waves Platform.

Objective 2 All companies must pair their Token/ Latin lb. So investors will have to first purchase Latin bl. (Helping Latin lb keeps its value)

Objective 3 The companies will purchase from DEX to be send to the companies investors and pay dividents with Latin bl. All Latin bl. . (Helping Latin lb keeps its value)

Objective 4 All the companies have to offer Latin lb. as currency for their Ecosystem.(Helping Latin lb keeps its value)

Objective 5 Make Latin bl. the Crypto of choice for any company in Latin America. For transactions or to invest in Latin American Companies.

Objective 6 Open a Waves Lease in Mexico, Our Waves Lease will give out Waves and Latin lb. with a 3% fee that will go to buy Latin bl.(Helping Latin lb keeps its value)

Having their tokens as only Stock and the Latin lb. will be used to buy their Stock and the companies will buy Dividends with Latin lb. for thier investors.

We are trying to raise $ 50,000 to invest in the companies, help them grow and help the Latin American economy.
50% of the goal amount will to into creat a franchise of local grocery store to sell and promote mostly local products.

Together we can make the Latin pound the best token in Latin America.

Presale 0.20 Waves to Latin lb. 11/25/2018 to 1/25/2019
Any existing company can make comments so we can guide you through the process.
Also any Latin American Crypto can also make comments to pair up.

From Mexico all the way down to Argentina we will like to help small and medium-sized companies.

Thanks for your time.








I will like to give thanks to everyone thats joining our Airdrops.

Lets make Latin America the best Crypto Area In the World and help the Local Economy!!!




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Thank you my friends, Help us spread the word, and help us make our goal.




Thank you my friends, Help us spread the word, and help us make our goal.