Learntoken Trading Contest


:1st_place_medal:1st prize : $300( Btc)

:2nd_place_medal:2nd prize : $200(Btc)

:3rd_place_medal:3rd prize : $100(Btc)

While $400(Btc) will be shared among other participants.

How To Participate:
Join our telegram with https://t.me/learncointoken to get registration form.
(It is important to join our telegram to claim your prize if you win)

Registration for the contest ends by 8th July 2019. So pls hurry and get registered.

β€˜Contest will be carried out on our Learntoken/Btc pair only’

How winners are determined? The top 3 winners are determined by the 3 with highest amount of Learntokens in his/her wallet at the end of the contest.

You can start your trade with any amount that pleases you. $10,$20, $100, whatever you can afford!!

NB: You need to have a minimum of 3,000 Learntokens in your wallet at the end of the contest to be eligible for any of the prizes.

Good Luck!!! Happy Trading.

Thanks for your suggestions.