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Why direct sales?

Statistics Direct Sales Market

Industry Problems

The Proposed Solution

About Us
We, the Lider Token Project team, are developing a unique Unified Digital Platform Lider. We organize loyalty programs for clients and employees of direct selling companies. Our goal - to increase digital literacy among employees and customers of the direct selling companies. We are working to promote the benefits of direct sales, based on our core values of freedom, trust and personal relationships. We strive to give a good idea of how direct sales work, as well as highlight their various advantages. Our Code of Conduct ensures comprehensive protection for both customers and for direct sellers, going beyond the protective measures provided for by law.
At the time when inequalities in access to work is increasingly documented - gender, nationality and education are strong determinants of a person's career - we are proud to say that anyone can become a direct seller. Direct selling overcome barriers to success and provides a lot of fair and flexible way to create your own business and start-up costs are practically absent.
For the Lider Token Project entrepreneurship is a political statement. Therefore we create a transparent, uniform digital platform using blockchain technologies. We want to direct sellers worked on an independent basis, managing their own micro - business under the guidance, training and support offered by our companies - partners.

Our projects

Forum Lider - Endless opportunities for your development. Sign up
We help real business to discover the world cryptocurrency, familiar with the advantages of using blockchain technologies, we learn to use innovative technologies. We pay for communication.

Lider BUX - A new generation of the promotion services - Sign up

The service allows advertisers to place various types of advertisements for their web resources, but users can earn money by viewing this ad and performing simple tasks.

Exchange of freelancing - For labour market leaders -To be development

Exchange provides access to recognized experts, various experts and market leaders who are willing to help in projects. Find experts to start or grow their business.

Unified Digital Platform Lider - Combining a unique customer experience empowering entrepreneurs. - To be development

Unified Digital Platform Lider - is an international NGO representing the interests of the industry of direct sales worldwide.
Our platform is different in that it is only companies that have an impeccable reputation and implement sustainable and ethical business practices for both direct sellers and customers.
The mission of the Unified Digital Platform is to achieve a proper understanding of the direct sales and support worldwide. Developing, maintaining and enhancing high international standards responsible and ethical behavior.

In modern digitalized world, it is necessary to attach great importance to the market conformity of the “digital era”.

We promote direct sales as:

Dynamic and reliable distribution channel in a trustworthy environment for consumers and direct sellers; Opportunity for people of all ages, regardless of their gender, race, disability, place of residence or level of education, to develop their own business with little risk.

About Lider Token
  • The first and only token for direct sales companies.
  • Any direct sales company can join to the project upon making an application.
  • Lider Token distributed to company employees for free under certain conditions of company.

    Total tokens - 700 million LIDER

    1 LIDER = $ 0.014

    ID token 6Fxc4XUFWhinfiFgPHFiJGBJHZiNVKYTtBWxs8fjdM5H

    Getting Lider Tokens
    • Loyalty programs of company - partners
    • Project's airdrop
    • Remuneration, bonuses and payment on Lider Forum
    • Earnings on Lider Bux
    • Participation in the project competitions
    • At the Exchange of freelancing Lider
    • Affiliate programs of Lider BUX and Lider Forum

      Application of Lider Token
      • Payments on the Unified Digital Platform Lider
      • Use of voting on the Unified Digital Platform Lider
      • Payment of an advertising campaign on Lider Bux
      • Payment services in the Exchange of freelancing Lider
      • Organization of loyalty programs
      • Payment for goods and services of companies - partners

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