Lider Token


The first decentralized cryptocurrency intended to encourage employees and customers of direct sales companies
This is ardrop, with very comfortable conditions!
You will receive coins at the end of every month for your Waves wallets.
To join you need to perform some simple tasks in the bot.
Also for those who wish to create content there is an opportunity to do it for a fee.
And the main distribution is for direct sales companies. Now there is a promotion program for Avon representatives. Cooperation with other companies is at the stage of agreement.
Lider Token - The first decentralized cryptocurrency,
intended to reward employees and customers of direct sales companies.
7 million LIDER = 98k is allocated for Airdrop
For performance of all tasks the participant receives 490 LIDER + 35 LIDER for each referral.




why did you write your address


I wish you luck for this project
Hope this token for success,

From Redfish


Thank you for your attention to our project.



Good sir






why do you write your wallets, they must be specified in the telegram bot




Good Prject


thanks, but wallets do not need to be specified here


hey guys, you should doing task on telegram bot. not in here


Hello dear forum users, probably not everyone figured out what you need to do to get a airdrop.
Therefore, I give a link to the telegram bot to perform tasks.






Good project.and very promising.3PGeXVMYwJmjihcRNAzwYgFDQqgdNGJegws


Thank you, but you do not need to indicate the wallet


спасибо вам. сделай те мне подарок на новый год 3PNiBvBvhi3anP441aZoLF4yFvyQgqASKHE дай те монет) крутяк


привет заходите на наш сайт, участвуйте в дропе и получите свои монеты.