Lightning network


This project is a part of the Developers Grant Program for Waves Tech Ambassadors. Please, ask your questions here. More details about the program you can find in our blog post.

Using Waves Smart Accounts make a prototype for Waves Lighting Network.

Requirements for projects:

  • Proposed application must utilise Waves blockchain
  • The code must be open source
  • The code must be published on GitHub
  • The project, including all technical details, should be described on or on your personal blog.

Assessment criteria for projects:

  1. Quality of application
  2. UI and UX
  3. Will Waves Community benefit from the project?

Hash Time-Locked Contracts

You should share those competitions on waves’s social media accounts to get more interest. :cry: Also some adds on news like cointelegraph , coindesk etc. can’t hurt :wink: