Linux multi-distro package format



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Hello! I work on the Snapcraft team at Canonical. We’d love to see a Waves GUI client in the snap store. Thanks to your use of electron/electron-builder, it should be pretty straightforward to generate a snap package. Someone from the Waves development team could then register the application name in the snap store and upload a stable release.

Being in the snap store would mean you’re easily discoverable and install-able for millions of Linux users. You’d be able to control the flow of updates and have access to up to date metrics. When you push updates to the store, users will get them within hours, automatically.

We also like to promote awesome new applications in the graphical “GNOME Software” store front on Ubuntu. We see a significant up-tick in app downloads when we do that.

If you need assistance getting started, I can help!


This would be very cool! @alexkof


Hi! Thank you, it’s interesting for us. I will come back to you, when we will make a suitable build and will register.