The node will distribute 98% of the profits to the leasers and the remaining 2% to the holders of LWN while the node is active, which we hope will be many years :grinning:. Even if you are not leasing at the node while you are a token holder, you will receive the fair share of that 2%.


The best prove is to lease for 6 months, during which you will receive a weekly payment, and check it when you get the LWN. :wink: Payments to the LWN holders will be monthly so that the payment of the fees does not consume the rewards. It’s worth trying, do not you think?


Yes, we will probe it. We have another nodes/pools and we are going to to keep our word. If you PM me I can show you another community where trust in us, not here publicly, obviously.


Yes there is a way. Leasing and keep eyes on us. Ask to another people about us. Ask to another leasers of other Platforms (I can provide it by PM)

Give a “Lifetime reward” == Be part of our node, have a participation in the ‘Corporation’, it isn’t a yoke, it isn’t a trick


While Waves Platform is a living system we will be here, just as we will be on other platforms. I am 38 years old and I hope to retire at 65, count on that at least!:joy::joy::joy:

We have a Telegram Channel for Leasers https://t.me/localwavesnode


:moneybag:We just made the weekly leasing payment. :rocket: Check out here

Our Twitter
Our Telegram


Since last payment the node has forged twice: :smile::boom::gem:

18.09.16 23:42 (1175677) (fees) GENERATOR >> 3P5hx8Lw6nCYgFkQcwHkFZQnwbfF7DfhyyP +0.02740000 Waves
18.09.18 17:50 (1178254) (fees) GENERATOR >> 3P5hx8Lw6nCYgFkQcwHkFZQnwbfF7DfhyyP +1.11700000 Waves


:moneybag:We just made the weekly leasing payment. :calling:Check out our web and twitter.

Keep leasing :pick::gem: 3P5hx8Lw6nCYgFkQcwHkFZQnwbfF7DfhyyP


:white_check_mark: LocalWavesNode has made the weekly payment between blocks 1242635 and 1252544. :soon:Remember, keep leasing 6 months in our node and you will get our token with lifetime rewards. More information on our website :arrow_double_up::arrow_double_up:


:large_blue_diamond: We just made the weekly payment. :soon: Remember, keep leasing 6 months and you will get lifetime rewards.


Não tem nenhuma piscina de pagamento diário?

It has no daily pay pool?


Fazemos pagamentos semanais e temos um grupo de Telegram onde relatamos o que temos forjado diariamente.


:moneybag: LocalWavesNode has made the weekly payment between blocks 1334580 and 1344766. Remember, keep leasing 6 months in our node and you will get our LocalWavesNode token with lifetime rewards. You can also buy our token in the Waves DEX. :shopping_cart:

Leasing address :point_right: 3P5hx8Lw6nCYgFkQcwHkFZQnwbfF7DfhyyP




Check our topic where we talk about our LocalWavesNode Token. The Token that will give you 2% of what our node mine. :arrow_right: LWN Token. Rewards LIFETIME


:rocket: We just made the payment to the holders of the LocalWavesNode Token. You can get the token in the Waves DEX. :calendar: Remember, next payment to the holders March 3.


We have just reward our holders of LocalWavesNode.
@Parvez you aren’t holder.
If you want to get our tokens you have 2 ways:
a) Mantain your leasing with us for 6 months
b) Buy our token in DEX: find LocalWavesNode / WAVES at 0.21 WAVES per token

You can hold the token or sell it when you want.


:tada:We have forged an alliance with the Token eCredit and from now on every Tuesday our leaser will receive 100 eCredit in its wallet. :tada: :point_right:t3:Do not stay behind and lease with us: 3P5hx8Lw6nCYgFkQcwHkFZQnwbfF7DfhyyP


Hello I need your help, I sent the waves in the traditional way and they were transferred to your wallet, I did not send as a leasing.

This was the transaction:


Can you give me back? I send it right.


:moneybag: Like every 3rd of every month, we have done the payment and the deliver of the LocalWavesNode token. If you want to make this token that will give you a percentage of what our node mine monthly you only have to do leasing with us or buy it in the Waves DEX. :hugs: